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Canal Park Brewing: Next Level Catering

Located lakeside in Canal Park, locally, family-owned Canal Park Brewing Company is the fulfillment of a long time dream, and the consummation of years of planning and saving… and waiting for just the right space.   The inspiration for the brewery stemming from the family’s history in brewing all the way back to the 1940’s when […]

Conquering a Corporate Event

When you hear the term “Corporate Event” you might picture a massive trade show or a convention center packed with ties and heels, but the truth is a “Corporate Event” is any event sponsored by a company that targets employees or clients.   These type of events could include product launches, award parties for staff, dinners […]

Staging Your Event

ELEVATING YOUR ENTERTAINMENT You have a date selected, a location and have typically made a substantial investment for your entertainment. You are ready to host a great event, but there is still one big detail remaining, a stage. Too often we see a flatbed trailer (usually narrow and too high off the ground and with […]

Can You Plan it and Enjoy it?

Why a Wedding Planner is a Must Many people have asked me throughout the years of planning events, specifically weddings: Why do I need a wedding planner? Can’t I plan it myself? People who don’t want to hire an event planner think: “I don’t need one, I can plan my own event and do everything […]

Grad Party 101: Striking a Balance between Parents and Grads

Graduates are fresh from the receiving line, parents are proud and make a little relieved, and both are ready to party. But what a parent envisions for a grad party may be something totally opposite of what a graduate wants. Setting expectations and striking a balance is key to making a successful grad party… after […]

Group Friendly Restaurants

Dining Out in a Big Group There are a lot of reasons you show up at a restaurant with a larger than average size group. Perhaps your family is visiting and rather than spending time working on a meal while missing out on the fun, you decide it’ll be better to eat out. Maybe a […]

When the Party Won’t Plan Itself.

A guide for reluctant party planners Not everyone is a born party planner.  Some people would much rather get an invite than make one.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a shindig your friends will talk about for years. When it comes to a casual affair sometimes the best laid plans are not necessarily […]

Weather… or Not

Planning any kind of summer outdoor event in the Lake Superior Region has its share of challenges somewhat different than other areas of the country. One switch of the wind can play ridiculous games with the weather for everyone within a reasonable distance of Lake Superior. Even seasoned local meteorologists and be left scratching their […]

Cheers! Simplify your party drink station with a beverage bar

It’s hard to accommodate everyone’s beverage tastes at an event. Rather than spending big bucks on numerous bottles of booze that you may never use, come up with a beverage bar that fits your event’s theme. For a summer event there are lots of fun options – a Sangria bar, Champagne bar, adult lemonade bar, […]