Choosing a Wedding Officiate

You’re engaged! Amidst the hugs and flurry of excited congratulations from family and friends you’re asked about the date of the ceremony, a venue for the service and reception and what kind of dress you’re hoping to find. All very legitimate questions and ones that many couples can answer because they’re the first to get […]

Maxi Child's Trio: Making Mellow Music

In the elegant ambiance of the Blackwater Lounge in downtown Duluth, the dulcet tones and laid-back vibe of Maxi Childs and her fellow musicians seem right at home as a throwback to clubs of yesteryear. Maxi herself looks as if she could have stepped off the walls of one the elegantly gowned and coiffed women in one of the club’s deco […]

Bye, Bye Buzz

In Minnesota, we have 4 seasons Fall, Winter, Spring …and Mosquito Season. By Tiffany Mallory, Manager at Mosquito Squad I attended a beautiful outdoor wedding reception this past summer. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. White chairs were set up for guests with a 100+ year old oak tree as the centerpiece. As guests […]

Personalize Your Next Event

By: Briana Von Elbe, Owner Footprint Promotional Advertising Promotional products can be used to enhance a business’s brand awareness, but they also make an extraordinary way to say thank you to your guests at your wedding reception, baby shower, birthday, family reunion, graduation or other special occasion.

Invitations 101

Invitation insight from the Printing Experts at ProPrint TIMELINE: Work backwards from the event. Headcount needed 1-2 weeks ahead; Mail date 6-8 weeks ahead; Printing, assembly and addressing of invitations may take 1-4 weeks so plan accordingly.