Conquering a Corporate Event

When you hear the term “Corporate Event” you might picture a massive trade show or a convention center packed with ties and heels, but the truth is a “Corporate Event” is any event sponsored by a company that targets employees or clients.   These type of events could include product launches, award parties for staff, dinners […]

Can You Plan it and Enjoy it?

Why a Wedding Planner is a Must Many people have asked me throughout the years of planning events, specifically weddings: Why do I need a wedding planner? Can’t I plan it myself? People who don’t want to hire an event planner think: “I don’t need one, I can plan my own event and do everything […]

Weather… or Not

Planning any kind of summer outdoor event in the Lake Superior Region has its share of challenges somewhat different than other areas of the country. One switch of the wind can play ridiculous games with the weather for everyone within a reasonable distance of Lake Superior. Even seasoned local meteorologists and be left scratching their […]

Choosing a Wedding Officiate

You’re engaged! Amidst the hugs and flurry of excited congratulations from family and friends you’re asked about the date of the ceremony, a venue for the service and reception and what kind of dress you’re hoping to find. All very legitimate questions and ones that many couples can answer because they’re the first to get […]

Do I need security for my event?

By Rick Minotte        Although not always required, all too often security is overlooked when planning an event of any kind. Most people believe that they can keep their event/reception organized and secure without any outside help. Even the most organized person will be overwhelmed when the caterer says they are blowing breakers, […]

What to Ask When Planning a Class Reunion

When should we start planning? Begin preliminary planning 1-2 years in advance, and start working on event logistics 9 months to a year in advance. Who will plan it? Some classes may have selected officers that were deemed “in charge” of the future reunions, but the fact is that as life has passed those people […]

Fundraisers: Think Outside the Spaghetti Dinner

You want to throw a fundraiser or benefit to help raise money for a cause near to you, but what’s the best way to do that? Whether it is a family member with an illness, a friend who just endured an unexpected accident, a co-worker who lost everything in a house fire, or a scholarship […]

Grad Party Insights from a Dad

Planning a high school grad party is seemingly a bigger endeavor as each year passes. It used to be a few family members and friends would be invited to drop by. Now, in many instances, grad parties are quite the production with as many as several hundred attending. In 2015, some kids are even adopting […]