Throwing a Holiday Party for Your Business

The holidays are approaching and you’re contemplating doing something nice for your employees by throwing a company party. You are in good company; according to a national survey, over 70% of business owners indicated that they were planning some sort of holiday party. Holiday parties have changed over the years, but that doesn’t mean you […]

Just the Party Facts Ma'am

Just as the “Stay-cation” swept the nation a couple years ago, so did home entertaining.  Tight wallets and the desire to socialize drove people to their own tables instead of expensive restaurants. It was so much fun that even as the economy improves, your table is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.

Tracy's Tip: Delegating

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that it’s a lot more stressful if you try to do absolutely every little detail yourself when you are planning an event. There are opportunities to do a little delegating regardless of what you are planning. Let’s face it, you want to enjoy the event […]

Open Bar? Cash Bar? Modified Bar? Oh My!

Creating the bar that is the best for your event and your budget can be one of the hardest planning aspects of your event, but don’t fret! The main thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way. Every event is different and many factors can contribute to your decision including the […]

Ten Ways to Kill an Event

Planning events is fun! Use this little piece of satire to help keep everything in perspective. Don’t kill your event by taking anything for granted and committing one of these event planning crimes.

10 Tips to Make Your Fundraising Event a Success

Fundraising is an important piece to the profit puzzle for any organization. With these tips, rising up to the challenge while exceeding event expectations is quite tangible. Whether it’s for a sports team, 4H club, or a friend with health-related issues, these tips can help you meet new goals and raise more money:

Home or Venue: Location, Location, Location

When planning an event, the location can play a big role. Are you going to host at home or rent a venue? There are many factors that contribute to this decision. Below are advantages and disadvantages to each that will help you get an idea of what might be appropriate for your event.