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Wedding Style

Wedding decor brings lighting to new levels, turns the tables, and makes a statement, read on! LIGHTING Lighting goes to new levels with hanging displays, tube lighting and LED bars that allow couples to change up the feel of their venue from dinner to dancing. Another new trend is a concentrated light feature, like a […]

Wedding Trends

Trends Move Toward Personal Touches and Sustainable Decor FASHION Move over white – there’s a full spectrum of color waiting to get in the wedding fashion game. Whether it be bold colors in the decor, wedding dresses that are no longer white, or tuxes that ooze personality with a favorite hue, couples are finding ways […]

Grad Party 101: Striking a Balance between Parents and Grads

Graduates are fresh from the receiving line, parents are proud and make a little relieved, and both are ready to party. But what a parent envisions for a grad party may be something totally opposite of what a graduate wants. Setting expectations and striking a balance is key to making a successful grad party… after […]

When the Party Won’t Plan Itself.

A guide for reluctant party planners Not everyone is a born party planner.  Some people would much rather get an invite than make one.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a shindig your friends will talk about for years. When it comes to a casual affair sometimes the best laid plans are not necessarily […]

Surprise! Planning a party that will leave them shook

The first thing you need for a stellar surprise part is an unassuming guest of honor. Most people throw surprise parties for milestone birthdays, but other special occasions can fit the bill too – a surprise engagement party for a couple, a surprise show for an expectant mom, etcetera. Once the guest of honor is […]

5 Hostess Gifts Under $10 that Make a Big Impression

By Rachel Hart, www.apronelegance.com  I’m the first to appreciate a good bottle of wine, but when the hostess receives twenty bottles of wine as a hostess gift, it seems impersonal. The next time you plan on attending a party, take some time to think ahead and prepare a more personalized gift. The following hostess gift […]

Building Event Excitement with Social Media

You’ve set the date, made the plans and put out the word for your event. Whether it’s a fundraiser, business event, outdoor event like a 5K, or a personal event (think reunion or grad party), building guest excitement is always a good idea. Social media offers an easy and free platform for promoting your event, […]

Trends in Wedding Showers

by Shana Vesel Gone are the days of church basement bridal showers hosted by the bride’s aunties. No more sandwich loaf, pasta salads and sherbet punch. No more bridal corsage, paper plate ribbon bouquets and word scrambles. Gone are the boring crepe paper and balloon decorations. Today’s wedding showers promise a fun party for everyone. […]

Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Theatre

A new trend for this upcoming summer is to create your own outdoor movie theater in your backyard.Everyone wants to have this party on their bucket list! There are a ton of different ways you can do this. First you need a guest list, after that comes everything else. What you will need: Projector You […]

Featured Grad Party

FOOD: My family and I decided to stick with the tradition of having Famous Dave’s cater my grad party. Both of my brothers had Famous Dave’s cater theirs as well. We have found that choosing to have a company cater is much easier than preparing the food for the grad party by yourselves. When you […]