Wicked Halloween Bash

Trick or treat! What is that you hear? Yes, that is the good ole sound of children longing for handfuls of candy in exchange for their cute smiles and character impersonations. Remember those days? Humor me by reflecting back on your most memorable Halloween as a child. What did you do? Who were you dressed as? How did you […]

Building a Blowout Bonfire

Bonfires are laid back and fun get togethers that are perfect for a summer evening under the stars. Here are some must haves to make sure that you have everything you need to host a successful bonfire. A great spot. Whether it’s your back yard, the beach, or at a campsite, make sure it’s safe […]

Neighborhood BBQ

Last spring my husband and I struck neighborhood gold. As first time homeowners, we quickly learned that our neighbors – neighbors to the left, down the block, across the street, and all over- were more than willing to lend a helping hand, a very appreciated hand, as well as a hose, a nail gun, and […]

Everyone Loves a Parade

By Robyn Anderson Signs of spring are showing in the Northland. The craving for a glimpse of sunlight to shine through the clouds and kiss our skin, gets stronger as the week goes on. I’m sure each of you can relate and are all experiencing the need to shred some layers and let your freckles […]

Make it to the Party

By Angie Simonson, blogger advice-unsolicited.blogspot.com For the second time this winter one or more of my kids was invited, with many others, to another child’s party. They ended up being the only friend(s) to attend, and it made me wonder: how often does no one show up to a little one’s party? Before Christmas, the […]

Cheers to the New Year

10 must haves for a countdown party 1. All that glitters – Think sparkle and glam for your New Year ’s Eve bash. Everything from dresses, ties, shoes, decorations, and wine bottles can be glittered for the occasion.