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Group Friendly Restaurants

Dining Out in a Big Group There are a lot of reasons you show up at a restaurant with a larger than average size group. Perhaps your family is visiting and rather than spending time working on a meal while missing out on the fun, you decide it’ll be better to eat out. Maybe a […]

When the Party Won’t Plan Itself.

A guide for reluctant party planners Not everyone is a born party planner.  Some people would much rather get an invite than make one.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a shindig your friends will talk about for years. When it comes to a casual affair sometimes the best laid plans are not necessarily […]

Weather… or Not

Planning any kind of summer outdoor event in the Lake Superior Region has its share of challenges somewhat different than other areas of the country. One switch of the wind can play ridiculous games with the weather for everyone within a reasonable distance of Lake Superior. Even seasoned local meteorologists and be left scratching their […]

Cheers! Simplify your party drink station with a beverage bar

It’s hard to accommodate everyone’s beverage tastes at an event. Rather than spending big bucks on numerous bottles of booze that you may never use, come up with a beverage bar that fits your event’s theme. For a summer event there are lots of fun options – a Sangria bar, Champagne bar, adult lemonade bar, […]

Surprise! Planning a party that will leave them shook

The first thing you need for a stellar surprise part is an unassuming guest of honor. Most people throw surprise parties for milestone birthdays, but other special occasions can fit the bill too – a surprise engagement party for a couple, a surprise show for an expectant mom, etcetera. Once the guest of honor is […]

Patriotic Thirst Quenchers

When the summer sun heats you up – these red, white, and blue beverages will cool you down! FOR THE KIDS: RED, WHITE, & COOLER Cran-cherry Juice Kid friendly pina colada drink Blue raspberry drink *You can pick any three red, white and blue drinks as long as all the drinks have different sugar contents […]

Northland Party: The Party Starts Here

By: Holly Kelsey-Henry For more than 20 years, the McKechnie family has owned and operated the largest party and balloon supply store in Duluth. Their long standing experience, professionalism and commitment to customer service have made the business the go-to, one-stop shop for all things celebratory.