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Wedding Trends

Trends Move Toward Personal Touches and Sustainable Decor

Move over white – there’s a full spectrum of color waiting to get in the wedding fashion game. Whether it be bold colors in the decor, wedding dresses that are no longer white, or tuxes that ooze personality with a favorite hue, couples are finding ways to give their weddings more personality. Trending this year in menswear are navy, teal, and cobalt hued jackets and slacks. For brides, the tiara is replaced by decorative barrettes and combs and dresses range from the minimalist gowns we saw in the ’90s to maximalist dresses with exaggerated sleeves, embellishments, or ball gown skirts.

Today’s couples think sustainably when it comes to living, so why not incorporate that into their weddings. Sustainable wedding trends include resetting a family stone for the engagement ring or using an heirloom ring, repurposing ceremony florals or using live centerpieces, locally sourcing food for their receptions, and hiring green vendors.

Look for special touches to be added throughout the event. Couples are looking at patterns and textures that showcase their personality and style, or adding an element of mysticism to their weddings with tarot cards, saging, or stone, and crystals. Rose Quartz stones are the classic stone for love and make for a fun favor to pass on to guests. Another new trend is to ask the ceremony guests or a special group of people to pass around the wedding rings before the vows to imbue them with good energy. Micro weddings of 40 or fewer guests are growing in popularity because they are perfect for going over the top with special touches. The budget per person is higher allowing couples to create a more elaborate experience with menus, decor, and personalization.