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Building a Blowout Bonfire

Bonfires are laid back and fun get togethers that are perfect for a summer evening under the stars. Here are some must haves to make sure that you have everything you need to host a successful bonfire.

    • A great spot.
      Whether it’s your back yard, the beach, or at a campsite, make sure it’s safe (no dry grass nearby, overhanging trees), has enough space, and that the fire can be enclosed in a pit, fire ring, etc.
    • Enough kindling and dry fire wood.
      You don’t want the party cut short because you run out of wood.
    • Seating.
      Lawn chairs, benches, etc. for everyone to sit around the fire.
    • Beverages, it’s also a good idea to have some coolers with to keep those thirst quenchers cold and refreshing.
    • Roasting sticks.
      S’mores are a bonfire staple. Be sure to have some sticks to roast your marshmallows on.
    • Snacks.
      Tame any evening grumbles with some easy to pass snacks such as chips, fruit, roasted hot dogs, and of course those s’mores mentioned earlier.
    • Blankets.
      It might be a fire, but blankets help when the sun goes down and the chilly night air rolls in. Plus they are great for getting cozy by the fire.
    • Music.

Throw together a great playlist and make sure to bring a speaker or park your car close by so that you can have some great background music.

    • Bug repellent.

Let’s face it folks, the mosquitoes and biting flies in this area are relentless. Make sure to have some repellent on hand so that you’re not swatting all night long.

  • Lighting.
    Help guests get to the bonfire with lanterns, tiki torches, or solar lights.