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Curb Appeal: Arrival Style

When you are planning a party at your home, especially if it will be primarily outdoors, keep these items in mind for first impressions:

-Lawn mowed and neatly trimmed

-Shrubs and bushes trimmed

-Driveway seal coated

-Fences stained

-Window trim nicely painted

-Windows clean

-Hanging plants and flower pots

-Sidewalk clean and weed free

-Gardens and yard weeded

-Signage (make sure people know they are at the right place, etc)

Most of these suggestions are inexpensive, and remember if there is something you don’t want people to focus on you can create distractions with flowers, decorations, rearranging, etc. Also, most of the focus will be eye level and lower, so don’t fret too much about anything above 10 feet.