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Group Friendly Restaurants

Dining Out in a Big Group

There are a lot of reasons you show up at a restaurant with a larger than average size group. Perhaps your family is visiting and rather than spending time working on a meal while missing out on the fun, you decide it’ll be better to eat out. Maybe a co-worker made a big sale and the entire department decides to celebrate with lunch. Or it could be a milestone birthday where your family, parents, and a couple friends add up to twenty people.

Before you unload the bus at your favorite eatery, make sure to call ahead to get assurance that they can seat a group your size and have the staff available to serve you. Some restaurants may have a small area that you can use or rent for the evening that moves your group out of the main dining floor to a more private area where you can confidently sing “Happy Birthday” with your falsetto, or stand up and make a toast without strangers watching.

Some restaurants automatically add gratuity to the bill for bigger groups, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tip a really great server something more.

Check out these area group-friendly restaurants