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How to Make Easy Human Ghosts for Your Halloween Party

UntitledMaterials you will need :
• Wire cutters
• Scissors
• Wire Hangers
• Chicken Wire
• Glow in the Dark Spray paint or old sheer curtains

These light weight ghosts are perfect for any Halloween party, haunted house, or even to simply scare a group of trick-or-treaters! They can be seen flying in a tree, standing on the porch, or laying in the grass.

Wherever they are, these ghosts are bound to frighten whoever comes across them!

Step 1:
Cutting the Chicken Wire to the appropriate size for the
head of the Ghost It may be a safe bet to wear work gloves while cutting this wire. Cut around a 24 inch length of chicken wire for the head

Step 2:
Form the head of the Ghost
Shape the chicken wire around anything head – shaped (ie: volleyball, basketball, etc.), or over the head of a mannequin (if you have one) . Begin shaping the wire around the head. Take the excess wire towards the back of the object, and cut any wire you do not want visible.

Step 3:
Form the body
• The body will consists of an inner and outer layer to give the ghost more support in certain weather conditions. You
can form the body any way you like.
• Cut around 40 inches of chicken wire for the outer layer of the ghost and about 30 for the inner layer.
• Use extra chicken wire to keep the inner and outer layer stable. You can do this by twisting the inner and outer layer

Step 4:
Form the arms & legs of the Ghost
• Cut an appropriate length of wire for each arm and leg of the ghost.
• Form two cylinders for the arms and pinch at the elbow and wrists to create a more real look.
• Form an additional two cylinders for the legs

Step 5:
Attach the arms and the legs to the body
Using excess wire, attach the arms and legs to the body. You can do this by twisting the wire or using an old wire hanger
to keep them attached.

Step 6:
Use an old wire hanger to keep the head of the ghost and the body in place.

Step 7:
Add any excess wire to keep the Ghost in place

Step 8:
You can either spray the wire with Glow in the Dark spray paint , or use old sheer curtains to give it a more “Ghostly” look!