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Invitations 101

Invitation insight from the Printing Experts at ProPrint

Work backwards from the event. Headcount needed 1-2 weeks ahead; Mail date 6-8 weeks ahead; Printing, assembly and addressing of invitations may take 1-4 weeks so plan accordingly.

Set a budget and stick to it. Get an estimate from a professional who can walk you through the process. DIY is not always cheaper when you consider the cost of paper, ink and your time. The print method and number of pieces will affect pricing.

Know your theme and colors. Are you traditional & fancy or casual & fun? The more direction you can give a professional the less cost to you for design time. Save invites from friends and family for examples.

Most events require a headcount.  Whether you print an RSVP that is a postcard or one that mails back in an envelope, make sure you put the stamp on it. E-invites may sound trendy but unless your event is very small and casual, stick with tradition and watch for the mail.

When choosing paper, ink colors and type fonts, keep readability in mind. Fancy and fine script type can be hard for older eyes to read.

Count households not the number of guests.  Always order more that you need for addressing errors and last minute guests.  It can be very costly to re-order a small quantity.

Request a hard proof of the entire project and take it home to proof. If you order online, leave time for a hard proof to be mailed to you. Carefully proof read all components.  Have friends with a fresh set of eyes give you a thumbs up. Check spelling, grammar, dates, places and times.  It is your responsibility to make sure everything is correct before going to print.

Weigh your invite at the post office before mailing to guarantee you have the proper postage.  Mail one to yourself to see how it makes it through the process.  If you have a bulky odd shaped invite, you may want to ask if hand cancelling is an option to avoid being shredded in the processing machines.