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Just the Party Facts Ma'am

Just as the “Stay-cation” swept the nation a couple years ago, so did home entertaining.  Tight wallets and the desire to socialize drove people to their own tables instead of expensive restaurants. It was so much fun that even as the economy improves, your table is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.

Forty percent of consumers said they plan to entertain more often at home in the next year.  And women – especially moms – plan the majority of celebrations, big and small from start to finish.

Dinner parties were popular decades ago and they are making a comeback with the millinennials, two thirds of which consider themselves casual cooking enthusiasts. They cook an average of nine elaborate or gourmet meals per year, 67% scour the internet and sites like pinterest for their next famous dish.

Specialty drinks are a fun feature to an at-home dinner party, along with the traditional wine and beer, with hosts spending 20% of their party budget on alcohol.

A new trend in home entertaining is house-hopping.  A group of friends plan an evening that includes a meal at each of their houses.  One house will present drinks and apps, the next an entree and the last a dessert.  Splitting up meals and location makes the evening more affordable, one host doesn’t pay for everything, and adds an element of surprise and adventure.

Themed meals, and beer or wine-paired meals are also popular, and planning them is a big part of the fun.  For your next night out with friends, consider a night in.