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Overboard Smorgasbord

Deciding what to feed your guests is often the trickiest part of party planning. The type of party, time of day and guest list all come into consideration. It’s hard to decide how much and what you should serve, so most hosts err on the side of “overboard”.

What party planner hasn’t poured through their 500 food pins on Pinterest, thrilled to have a reason to make some of the drool inducing recipes they’ve amassed over the years. And it’s so hard to pick just one, or two or five, so you make seven or eight and suddenly your buffet table needs some support beams.

While it’s nearly impossible, put the Pinterest down, at least until you have a plan. For most home-thrown parties the 3-2-1 rule works for any type of small gathering.

Aim for 3 snacks you can put out before the meal.
Condsider chips and dip, veggies and dip, hummus and crackers, or a couple warm appetizers that are easy to eat without a lot of utensils or fuss. When it’s meal time, leave the complimentary snacks available, but add to the mix 2 sides and one main dish. For example, if you’re serving soup, a side of grilled cheese and garlic bread or salad would work well, if it’s burgers from the grill an easy to eat potato (think fries, tots, wedges) and pasta or potato salad would make a good meal. If you’re serving dessert, aim for an indulgent and a healthy option. So if there’s birthday cake, offer a fruit salad as well.

Keeping your Smorgasbord from going overboard will save you a lot of time, money and a fridge full of leftovers.