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Ten Ways to Kill an Event

Planning events is fun! Use this little piece of satire to help keep everything in perspective. Don’t kill your event by taking anything for granted and committing one of these event planning crimes.

  1. Rest assured that everything will fall into place. There’s absolutely no need to organize.
  2. Begin your planning tomorrow or the next day. These events are a piece of cake.
  3. Ignore Health Department regulations. After all, the inspector was once on your softball team.
  4. Give everybody equal authority. There’s no need for leadership.
  5. Assume that marketing is under control. The local media is sure to provide great coverage as a news story.
  6. Draw up rigid plans. Flexibility is for gymnasts, not event organizers.
  7. Forget the plan of a simple event. Get your money’s worth and start out with a huge multi-day event.
  8. Demand help from local businesses and organizations. Everyone owes you something.
  9. Move the event date around from year to year. There’s no reason to establish a tradition.
  10. Discard receipts, invoices, and other records. These things just get in the way and who needs a checklist. It’s all in your head, you’ll remember