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Using Excel to Plan Your Parties and Events

Organization is one of the most important aspects of planning an event no matter what size it is, the theme, or how much experience you have. A small birthday party, a wedding, a corporate meeting, or large community festivals all require organization on many different fronts. While there are software programs available to assist with this, most people planning won’t want to learn a new program or pay additional fees for them. The good news is that you already have a tool on your computer that can take care of almost everything in an easy way – Microsoft Excel. Although Excel is known for its computing abilities, it is also a very versatile tool when it comes to planning complex tasks. By creating an Excel workbook for your event or party you can have separate tabs (pages) or individual documents for each aspect of the event and planning process.

Event Aspects that Excel could be used for:

Guest List
RSVP tracking
Calculating attendance
Printing mailing labels
Table assignments

Vendor Directory
Contact info

Overall Event/Party Details

Deposits paid
Balances owed
Total paid
Due dates

To Do Lists/Checklists




Useful tools and functions:
Depending on the version of excel that you are using, these tools can be found in different places. For versions 2007 and newer, most are found in the ribbon across the top on the home tab.

Sort & Filter
Alphabetize your guest list, sort by RSVP’d, due date, or however you’d like to view the information. Make sure to select to “expand
the selection” when prompted so that all of the information in that row moves together.

Auto Sum
Calculate attendance, balances due, deposits paid, etc.

Mail Merge
(used in conjunction with Word or other processing programs). You can enter in all of your guests’ or vendor information including
address, phone number, etc. Then use word to complete a mail merge to create mailing labels or personalized invitations/letters.

Perfect for budgets, calculating percentages, finding averages, and more.

Even more options and helpful tools for planning an event with excel include using the conditional formatting tool, drop down lists, advanced formulas, and table settings.

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