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Wicked Halloween Bash

Trick or treat! What is that you hear? Yes, that is the good ole sound of children longing for handfuls of candy in exchange for their cute smiles and character impersonations. Remember those days? Humor me by reflecting back on your most memorable Halloween as a child. What did you do? Who were you dressed as? How did you feel? If you were to
ask a millennial today, their response would respectively be different.

What makes it different, you ask? The answer is simple… it’s due to the advancement of technology and progression of trends throughout generations. As the years continue to progress, there has been a significant rise of involvement from all eras. With the collaboration of each generation, this iconic holiday continues to gain popularity. A great way to relish in this social occasion is to simply take advantage of all it has to offer. From pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating,
there is an interest for all ages.

Here are a few suggestions to make this years Halloween one that is notable amongst everyone’s social circle:

Be the Party Fairy
Throw a pumpkin-carving bash with close family and friends one-week prior to the event. Doing so would confirm that there would be fabulous decorations for the main event.
It’s also a good way for your guests to feel apart of the party
by seeing their artwork on display.

Have a party the day of, the week prior, or weekend after.
This is the time to decide whether it is going to be adults only
or kid friendly, and what the theme will be.

If all goes well, you could become the annual event
fairy who brings family and friends together for a good time!

Design a Luscious Spread
Yes, this is your time to shine with creativity! Including but certainly not limited to festive nibbles, a bloodcurdling main dish, wicked treats & chilling brews.

Disguise your Haunted House
This echoes the theme you’ve chosen. Whether your party is enchanting or frightening, it is important that you recognize your audience first before you decorate. Don’t forget to illuminate your home with fall aromas that will get your senses tingling and craving those fresh baked goodies.

Spine Chilling Entertainment
Offer Spine-Chilling Entertainment based
upon your event’s theme.
• DJ’s or a live band
• Clowns
• Characters-great for children’s parties
• Photographer or picture booth
• Contests
• Games

Find Your Mask
Costumes on the rise in popularity
• D.I.Y.
• Family Costumes
• Couple Costumes
• Pet-friendly Costumes
• Capture Celebrity Moments
• Movie Characters/actors
• “Punny” Costumes

So there you have it, here is a crafted timeline of ideas for you to get a jumpstart on your fall party planning. If you’re
going to be the genie of the moonlight, then presentation is vital for success. My advice to you is to first craft a plan,
choose a theme and then run with it. It’s not all about the goblins and ghouls, so let’s make this years’ Halloween one to masquerade.