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5 Hostess Gifts Under $10 that Make a Big Impression

By Rachel Hart, www.apronelegance.com 
I’m the first to appreciate a good bottle of wine, but when the hostess receives twenty bottles of wine as a hostess gift, it seems impersonal. The next time you plan on attending a party, take some time to think ahead and prepare a more personalized gift. The
following hostess gift ideas are thoughtful, unique and best of all under $10.

Plant extra herbs in medium sized pots and give the gift of fresh ingredients. Herbs pack an extra punch because of their sharp earthy smell and green presentation. This is the bouquet that keeps on giving. I don’t know a cook alive that wouldn’t appreciate a fresh
bunch of basil.

Give a classic book as a gift. What woman turns down another read of “Jane Eyre?” Keep your eyes open for unique editions at rummage sales and used book stores. If you feel comfortable enough with the gift receiver, jot a note to request a cup of coffee and book discussion at a later date.

Bring a pound of exotic coffee, tea or chocolate. (I like to support local chocolatiers and roasters.) Who doesn’t love caffeine in some form?

For intimate friends and relatives, you can frame an old picture in a small frame (anything bigger than 5X7 presents a placement problem.) I would suggest scanning the photo and changing it to black and white so it will blend with their décor. Write a note about the particular memory and tell that person how much that experience meant to you.

Dog or cat treats are an exceptional hostess gift and elicit smiles or wags from all.