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Building Event Excitement with Social Media

You’ve set the date, made the plans and put out the word for your event. Whether it’s a fundraiser, business event, outdoor event like a 5K, or a personal event (think reunion or grad party), building guest excitement is always a good idea.

Social media offers an easy and free platform for promoting your event, involving guests in the fun of putting the event together and generating excitment making sure you have good attendance at the event.

Use these platform based tips to make your next event the best ever!

#hashtag: Create hashtags for your event and start using them before the big day to advertise them.

Post photos of supplies purchased, recipes to be used, venue, decor etc. with the event hashtag.

Encourage attendees to post photos of their event prep w/ the designated hashtags. If it’s a 5K ask for training pics, if it’s formal event ask for pics of what they are wearing. For personal events, ask friends to post pictures of the guest of honor.

Those hashtags again! Use the same ones across all social media to make your event easy to follow where every guests are looking.

Event updates and shouts. Get a new sponsor? Thank them on Twitter and tag their account in hopes of a retweet. Shout out featured guests and
speakers by tagging them and encouraging them to participate in the converstation on twitter.

Create an event on Facebook to promote your event. Invite guests and share the post to your wall or personal feed to gain more attention.

Involve guests in the planning with a Facebook  Ask for input on entertainment and food. Gather information that can be used at the event, for example a poll on a retiring person’s biggest achievement, or a grad’s best sports moment.

Use your event page to post images and updates on the event. Include a branded bar that features the logo or event name and important details like when and where.

There are a bunch of great apps available to make posts that feature text and images. The Textgram App lets you easily add text and other embellishments to an image. Ripl let’s you create an animated slide show with text. Both are free!