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Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Theatre

A new trend for this upcoming summer is to create your own outdoor movie theater in your backyard.Everyone wants to have this party on their bucket list! There are a ton of different ways you can do this. First you need a guest list, after that comes everything else.

What you will need:
You can rent a projector from multiple places. Some great places that offer projector rentals are AVR, Haavisto Video, and Twin Ports Outdoor Movies, amongst many others.

You can make a screen on your fence, on your house, or even buy a few things to make your own outdoor movie screen. You can also rent inflatable outdoor movie screens as well. Twin Ports Outdoor Movies offers this type of rental.

Media player
This can be anything from a DVD player to your laptop. Anything that can play a movie on it. Just make sure that the device can be hooked up to the projector.

Some projectors allow you to play sound through them but other devices do not, so just make sure you get loud enough speakers so everyone can here. Also make sure the speakers can be hooked up to whatever device you are playing the movie on.

· Pillows &Blankets
Have enough pillow and blankets for everyone or tell everyone to bring their own. A big trend is using air mattresses or even inflatable kiddie pools on the ground and having a ton of pillows and blankets to make it feel like you’re in a bed.
· Lawn chairs and Hammocks are also a great easy idea to stay comfortable during the movie.

Bistro lights are a big trend for backyard events. They set the ambiance and add a vintage take to this outdoor movie theater.

Snacks & Beverages
You can get creative with snacks and make a popcorn bar, with different options of toppings. Just make sure you have a wide array of snacks. You also don’t want to forget a variety of beverages, make sure you have something for every age that will be there.

One thing that you do not want to forget it bug spray!