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Featured Grad Party

My family and I decided to stick with the tradition of having Famous Dave’s cater my grad party. Both of my brothers had Famous Dave’s cater theirs as well. We have found that choosing to have a company cater is much easier than preparing the food for the grad party by yourselves. When you decide to have a caterer, you don’t need to worry about food safety and keeping things warm, because the catering company takes care of that themselves.

We decided to just order one cake and then order blue and gold cupcakes for everyone else. Sometimes it’s much easier to give away cupcakes then to have a bunch of leftover cake.

For desserts, we ended up getting lucky. A lot of the women in my family and some of our friends love to bake. Most of them offered to cook a dessert/bar for my grad party. This cut costs by a lot because they were all willing to do it for free.  I’m also a huge fan of chocolate covered strawberries, so I ended up making those the night before.

We decided to have all of the pictures in our back garage. In order to make the garage presentable we ordered pipe and drape and sectioned off one part of the garage for the party. In case it rained, we thought it would be best to have part of the garage as a shelter.

I love pictures, so I had a ton of them to display at my grad party. I took strings of lights and hung them from the ceiling and then used clothespins to attach pictures to them. I also did this around the tables and we had a couple of poster boards as well.

We have a lot of little ones in our family so to keep them entertained we set up a candy bar in the garage as well. This was a huge hit. Who doesn’t like candy?

We also had a fire going in the backyard to keep our guests warm and the kids entertained. We also had a football, volleyball, and the bag game set up in the yard for entertainment.

Weather tends to always be an issue in northern Minnesota for outdoor events. We lucked out and the rain held off until the party was over. However, we did order a huge tent from London Road Rental in case it was raining out. I also had my nephew walking people up and down the driveway with umbrella’s.