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Trends in Wedding Showers

by Shana Vesel

Gone are the days of church basement bridal showers hosted by the bride’s aunties. No more sandwich loaf, pasta salads and sherbet punch. No more bridal corsage, paper plate ribbon bouquets and word scrambles.

Gone are the boring crepe paper and balloon decorations. Today’s wedding showers promise a fun party for everyone. New and exciting themes include Mexican fiesta, beach parties, 50’s glam housewife, champagne brunch or couples barbeque. There is even a trend for grooms called a “Bro-dal Shower” – like bridal shower but for guys!

The whole point behind a bridal shower was to “shower” the engaged couple with gifts to start their new life together. Often times, the couple have already accumulated household items. Now here’s where things can get fun. Not only can you have a themed party for decorations and food, but you can theme the gifts. The possibilities are endless but some interesting ideas include camping, tools, games, or gardening.

Anyone can be the host a wedding shower – the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, sisters, or bridesmaids! It’s not a faux pas for someone other than the bride’s aunts anymore. Even brides and grooms are taking an active part in planning and prepping. People are looking “outside the box” for interesting places to have the shower. If it’s beach
themed, there are pavilions, gazebos and beach houses to rent. If it’s a couples beer & barbeque, sometimes the backyard is fine. But there’s also neighborhood parks, restaurants and micro breweries. The key is to be creative!

It’s time to eat!
So instead of that 5 layer sandwich loaf (which actually is quite delicious, by the way) people are serving foods and beverages that match their themes. The trend is toward food bars. This is where all the components are set up and people can make their own. Some examples include: a taco bar, baked potato bar, yogurt bar, bloody mary bar or mimosa bar. Setting up this way actually saves the host time and money, plus it’s fun for the guests.

Who wants to play a game?
Remember the word scrambles, the “What’s in your purse?” and the “look at the bottom of your plate” door prizes? Guests aren’t playing the same old games. Hosts are planning games “minute to win it” style to get everyone up and moving. It’s all about laughing and having fun.

No matter the theme, no matter the location, the point behind a wedding shower is to “shower the couple with love”. So, get on board with a theme and get creative. Oh, and invite your aunties too. They’ll even have fun!