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Bye, Bye Buzz

In Minnesota, we have 4 seasons Fall, Winter, Spring …and Mosquito Season.
By Tiffany Mallory, Manager at Mosquito Squad

I attended a beautiful outdoor wedding reception this past summer. The weather couldn’t have been more
perfect. White chairs were set up for guests with a 100+ year old oak tree as the centerpiece. As guests shuffled in to find a seat, the music began. Down the aisle came two little flower girls with smiles on their faces. There was a pause in the center of the aisle, one girl whacked the other on the back and quietly said, “a mosquito was
biting you”. Moments later, the bride came walking down arm and arm with her dad. As she placed one foot in front of the other, she made eye contact with her soon to be husband standing under the tree, who was swatting through a cloud of mosquitoes. The entire evening was spent indoors taking shelter from the bugs and guests left with itchy reminders for days.

Many of us entertain outdoors and this is especially true during the dusk and evening hours. Mosquitoes are evening feeders and like to feed under the veil of night and cooler temperatures. Mosquitoes usually feed during the times we enjoy entertaining, so effective mosquito control is a necessity for anyone who enjoys activities outdoors during the spring and summer.

Whether it’s an outdoor BBQ, a rehearsal dinner, a beautiful outdoor reception, a hike in the woods or just a day pulling weeds around your prized Hydrangeas, mosquitoes come for the fun and invite their friends and family for an all out feeding frenzy. If your outdoor experiences sound a little like this… mosquitoes at the cookout, mosquitoes at dinner, mosquitoes while roasting marshmallows, mosquitoes during conversation, tiny mosquitoes managing to bite even though jeans and lawn chairs and long sleeve shirts, even sneaking into the house when you open the door, you’re not alone. I’ve listened to many stories of pain and frustration and haven’t met one person who says they enjoy the buzzing and the bites that those little pests bring.

Here are some things that we can do to help lessen the swarm:

  • Your first line of defense is to make certain you have eradicated or substantially reduced areas where mosquitoes can lay eggs all around your home and yard. These include pots, outdoor toys, containers or any area where even small amounts of water or moisture can collect.
  • Keeping your lawn cut and free of debris is important because
    mosquitoes lurk in dark, deeply vegetated areas.
  • Having your property treated by a licensed professional
    to kill and prevent mosquitoes is key to complete mosquito

Ask your local mosquito control specialist about barrier protection, all natural protection, misting systems, and event spraying that are safe for your family and pets, the only thing you have to lose are the bugs! Until then, pleasant swatting!