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Can You Plan it and Enjoy it?

Why a Wedding Planner is a Must

Many people have asked me throughout the years of planning events, specifically weddings: Why do I need a wedding planner? Can’t I plan it myself?

People who don’t want to hire an event planner think: “I don’t need one, I can plan my own event and do everything myself.” or “I don’t want someone creating an event for me, I know what I want”.

 Of course you want to have a hand in planning your own event, everyone does. But when it comes to the day of the event, you want to be able to enjoy it and watch all of the hard work come together. Even myself as an event planner would hire someone to plan my wedding. But one of the many things that people don’t understand is, hiring a planner doesn’t mean you can’t plan your own wedding. Hiring a planner means all of your dreams and visions will come to life with help from someone who is dedicated to the entire process.

When planning special events, we often create visions of how we want something to be but end up not being able to fulfill those visions due to our busy schedules and other commitments.

That’s where the planner steps in.

Event Planners will do everything they can do to ensure that this certainly is the best day of your lives and exactly what you envisioned it to be. Crazy enough, event planners live for solving problems, and creating something beautiful out of nothing.

Now, there are many options when it comes to wedding coordinators. You can do a Full-Service Coordinator, Month of Planner, Weekend Coordinator, or Day-of Coordinator. As a wedding planner, I highly recommend the full service coordinator or day of event coordinator.

Full service coordinator takes care of every single detail start to finish. They’re there for every single up and down during the wedding planning process and are the ones that can really make the vision happen, they are also more costly than the other options mentioned.  Month of, Weekend of, and Day of coordinators are extremely helpful as well if you do have a tighter budget.

Each type of coordinator is there to make sure everything goes smoothly during your wedding day.   Picture this… it’s your big day – you want to spend the morning being treated like a princess getting your hair and make-up done – but your vendors need to know where to set-up, the cater has questions on which way the buffet line starts, the DJ isn’t sure where to plug-in all his equipment, and the decorator put the wrong chair covers on.  Sounds like a lot to manage, especially when you want to be relaxed and ready to walk down the aisle. 

 At the ceremony location you and the bride tribe want to spend the little time left before the ceremony getting ready, enjoying each other’s company, and getting some great photos of the whole process, but down the hall the musician has questions about the order of songs, the flower girl’s basket isn’t with the flower delivery, and the pre-teen ushers aren’t really sure what they are supposed to be doing because they were on the phones during the rehearsal.  Of course, you could ask a friend or a relative to try and corral all this chaos – but you ultimately invited them there to enjoy your wedding – not work it.

Your wedding planner is like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother – she or he can bippity boppity boo all the troubles away – in fact, she’ll probably catch them before they even happen.  If worse comes to worst, she can turn that pumpkin that pops up minutes before the ceremony into whatever magical thing it should be – and you can have a memorable, enjoyable wedding… which sounds like the perfect way to start a marriage.