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Cheers to the New Year

10 must haves for a countdown party

1. All that glitters – Think sparkle and glam for your New Year ’s Eve bash. Everything from dresses, ties, shoes, decorations, and wine bottles can be glittered for the occasion.

2. The kids want to play too! –  Make sure you don’t forget to plan for kids if any will be attending. Special kid approved snacks, sparkling juice, games & activities should help to keep them busy until the countdown. (If the kids aren’t attending, make sure you arrange for sitters well in advance and have a backup plan.)

3. Activities – It’s going to be a long night. As the host, you have to
make sure everyone is entertained or has something to do.

3. Background music will help set the tone while socializing, and having a variety of games and activities on hand will provide for some other entertainment.

4. Refreshments –Guests will need provisions to make it  through the night, but there’s no need for an elaborate menu. Try an appetizer potluck or create a spread of snacks, apps, and desserts on your own.

5. Illumination – Overhead lights can be harsh, energy draining
and plain ‘ole boring. Round up some string lights, candles or other
specialty lighting to set a festive atmosphere.

6. Photo ops – In the day of selfies, instagram, and advanced camera phones, giving your guests a festive photo backdrop or photo ops at your party is sure to be embraced and add some fun to the party.

7. Care Package – After a late night (and a few beverages), send your guests home with a care package to help them through the next day.
Coffee or hot chocolate is a nice touch for their ride home while bottled water, aspirin, alka seltzer, hair ties, chapstick, candy bars, and vitamin c drops are all good ideas of things you can include for the next day.

8. Bubbly Bar – New Year’s Eve is a time for champagne (and other
sparkling drinks). Take it to the next level and create a bubbly bar
complete with all the fixings for sparkling cocktails and festive flutes to serve the drinks in.

9. Confetti  and Sparklers– When the clock strikes midnight, having
sparklers and/or confetti poppers will be a great way to ring in the new year.  Sparklers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and confetti poppers can be purchased in all sorts of colors or made at home fairly simply.

10. Hats, Noise Makers – They may be cheesy, but guests will expect these traditional items. The good news is there are a lot of options now for these items in various designs, colors, themes, etc.