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Fundraisers: Think Outside the Spaghetti Dinner

You want to throw a fundraiser or benefit to help raise money for a cause near to you, but what’s the best way to do that? Whether it is a family member with an illness, a friend who just endured an
unexpected accident, a co-worker who lost everything in a house fire, or a scholarship fund for the local school you’ll want to be as
successful as possible to help them out.

This area is notorious for its Minnesota nice attitude and genuine
caring personalities, which bodes well for those who are hosting a benefit or fundraising event. “Tug at the Heartstrings” of the public to gain their interest and support. Make sure to know the full story of the beneficiary including background information, current situation, and any future predictions so that you are able to effectively motivate donors, community members, and media in order to make the fundraiser as successful as possible.

We’ve all been to and enjoyed a spaghetti dinner, but the community will tire quickly if that is the only type of fundraiser that is ever offered. Think outside of the noodles and meat sauce, and choose something that relates to the recipient. Is the beneficiary a big fan of Basketball? Why not host a 3 on 3 tournament? Maybe a wine tasting in honor of your bestie? Offering something unique and related to the cause will help to bring the event full circle, and really bring some excitement to the party.

Swap Spaghetti Sauce for Awesome Sauce
with these tips & ideas.

Unique Fundraising Ideas:

• Zumba-thon (or other athletic event like a 5k)

• Kickball Tournament

• Poker Night

• Yard Games (Bean Bags, Ladder Golf, horseshoes)

• Entertainment (Concert, Dance, Theater)

• Food a must? Try a nacho bar, pizza buffet,
pig roast, or fish fry

Promote like a Pro:

• Flyers – everywhere possible

• Sponsor/Donor Locations – use their outdoor sign, hang up flyers, include info in email blasts and newsletters

• Social Media is a free, easy way to spread the word

• Press Release to the Media – tell your story to the local news stations, radio, papers, and magazines

Pro Tips

Start planning early, so that you have plenty of time to get donations, spread the word, enlist help, and stay organized.

Combine other fundraisers with your main event. Ex: Silent Auction, selling t-shirts or other merchandise, door prizes, 50/50 raffle, etc.

Set up a bank account specific for the cause, and include the information on all promotions so that people are able to donate directly.

Also, set up a donation website such asgofundme.com so that those who are out of town or unable to attend the event are able to quickly and easily make a donation.