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Grad Party 101: Striking a Balance between Parents and Grads

Graduates are fresh from the receiving line, parents are proud and make a little relieved, and both are ready to party. But what a parent envisions for a grad party may be something totally opposite of what a graduate wants. Setting expectations and striking a balance is key to making a successful grad party… after all, this party really celebrates all of you!


Have a sit down with your grad and discuss what you both would like for their grad party. Plan a budget and give them some tasks to do to help them undertand what is involved and what is realistic.


Of course they have the job of greeting eave relative, neighbor, and family friend that attends – but their friends are coming too and probably don’t want to sit next to Aunty Ethel and converse about the foods she can’t eat due to her new dental work. Design a space at the event where your grad can still be at the party, but still have some privacy with their friends. Make a pop-up lounge on the front yard with blow up furniture or a pseudo-tailgate party where they can listen to music without distracting other guests.


You’ll have plenty to do, so make sure your grad knows how to welcome guests and fill them in on where the food and beverages are. If your grade would like some fun activities for their friends to do at the party, that can go on their to-do list, not yours. They area a perfectly capable adult now, after all.

With a little teamwork and pre-party powwows, together you can create an event that both of you will enjoy.