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Lady Ocalat: Spirits Welcome

By Staff Writer

Lady Ocalat with Raven Publicity shotFrom the moment you walk in to Lady Ocalat’s Emporium you feel welcome and all of your senses awaken. Beautiful, energetic music is playing that lifts the spirit, a subtle floral incense is burning, and a wide assortment of books, crystals, figurines, and cards are there for you to explore.

“Please! Come and sit! Make yourself at home,” she says.

It is clear from the moment that you enter her presence that Lady Ocalat loves what she does. “If you’re gifted it just seems wrong not to live and honor your gift,” she tells me – a sentence that immediately resonates with me. “I’m a healer,” she goes on to explain, “I’m a minister, and a healer, and a Reiki therapist.” Her tools of the trade are tarot cards, reading psychic energy, and reading a person’s palms.

She takes great pride in the fact that she’s asked to do many events around the Northland. You can find her at all-night graduation parties, family reunions, Boo at the Zoo, or even private gatherings of a group of friends. This is a woman who is open to a wide
variety of opportunities. Additionally, when her shop (located at 31 West Superior Street, Suite 301 in Duluth) is open you can schedule a 30 or 60 minute private reading. It’s clear, however, that she gets a
special joy from doing mini readings at events. She told many stories about people she has helped, and explained that she works to keep her readings fun, but honest.

Her mother, who was known as “the old witch” in the town where she grew up, made sure that her children knew to always be honest and to make sure that they kept their word. Once when she was in high school she and her sister decided to try to send a spell out to get two certain boys to come over one evening. When two completely different boys showed up at her house her mother told her “you go down and take care of your guests and honor your word.” She and her sister learned that night after an entire evening of laughing and watching television that things happen for a specific reason, and it’s up to us to be open to the experience.

One of the biggest misconceptions about people who practice the Wiccan religion, she told me, is that people often assume that it’s devil worship or dark magic. “It isn’t any of that,” she told me with a
serious look on her face, “I’m a healer. I believe in helping people. I work to harm no one and I believe that when a person cares about someone or something they can truly make a difference.” She’s adamant about not gossiping because “gossip is dark magic” and she never reveals to anyone other than the people who are in the room what she’s discovered in a reading.

She believes in learning as much as she can about the world around her, and about all religions. She’s been studying the Kabbalah since she was a girl, back when her mother had to order books about it from England because a person couldn’t find them in the U.S. She enjoys reading books on medicine and learning about surgery because she’s often asked to help medical professionals or family members whose loved one is going through a medical crisis and believes that it is her obligation to understand what she’s discussing.
Many times her advice to a person is to church or go to a  sychologist for additional help or for the answers they seek.

In her spare time Lady Ocalat loves music, telling me that she and her husband are in the local rock band Legacy. Music helps her clear the energy, she tells me, it helps her ground herself again. Every morning she begins with prayer and making sure that she can find and achieve balance throughout her day as she works to help people. For more information about events at her shop you can find her website at ladyocalat.com or search for Lady Ocalat’s
Emporium on Facebook.