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Luxury in the Loo with Aardvark Portable Rentals

Aardvark Septic Pumping & Portable Rentals

Every event planner knows there are the exciting elements to plan and there are the necessary ones, like insurance, safety, and quite possibly the least glamorous, but most important – the bathrooms.

Aardvark Septic Pumping and Portable Rentals, in Cloquet, is adding a little excitement to the potty planning – with their stylish and professionally designed luxury restroom trailer.

What is a luxury restroom trailer you ask?  It’s a 5-star hotel bathroom on wheels, minus the mini shampoo bottles of course.   Aardvark’s luxury trailer has two bathrooms – one male and one female.  Both feature flushing toilets with a urinal in the men’s side, sinks with running water, warm lighting, and heat or air conditioning.  All packed into a trailer with a sleek, modern design, laminate wood floors, trim, and painted walls that even feature tasteful art.

Aardvark has had their trailer for a couple years and is considering purchasing another.  “A few years back we started receiving calls asking if we had a luxury bathroom option, no one in the area did, so I thought I would give it a try,” explained owner, John Peterson.  “The response has been great.  It has been booked most weekends.”

The luxury units are mostly reserved for weddings and other special events.  The unit is not rented to construction sites or other events where it may get abused.  Depending on the length of an event, John recommends the trailer for groups of 250 or less.  The luxury unit is not handicap accessible, but planners can add additional standard portable toilets or a handicap-accessible unit to accommodate everyone.

The luxury trailer does come with a larger price tag, $895 for the two unit trailer compared to $90 for a regular portable toilet.  But the price is worth it for the comfort of guests at weddings and VIP events and has not deterred customers from renting the unit.  “I tell people to book it ASAP, weekends get booked up to 6-8 months in advance,” said John.

Aardvark’s regular units can keep your crowd comfortable as well. They claim to have the Northland’s cleanest portable toilets and their signature purple color makes their units stand out at an event.

Aardvark prides themselves on their customer service, they know that portable toilets should be seen and not smelled at an event, and they should meet your attendees’ needs and expectations. With 15 years of experience, their professional staff can help you determine how many units you need to avoid long lines, they can show you the best places to put them, and once they are on-site, you can feel confident that they will be fully stocked and ready for your guests to… well, go.

You can rent units by the day, week, or month, and if you can’t be there for delivery, it’s no problem.  For long term rentals they clean every week, or for a high-attendance multi-day event, they offer after event hours cleaning, “We cater to our customers needs,” explained John.

Aardvark also offers hand-washing stations, holding tanks, portable urinals, high-rise units that can be used in interior spaces or on roofs at constructions sites, and handicap-accessible units.

This summer you may see Aardvark delivery trucks on their way to drop off toilets at grad parties and other home-based events, as well as larger events like town festivals.    

Visit their website at aardvarkpumping.com for more information or call them at 218-879-0121.