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Staging Your Event


You have a date selected, a location and have typically made a substantial investment for your entertainment. You are ready to host a great event, but there is still one big detail remaining, a stage.

Too often we see a flatbed trailer (usually narrow and too high off the ground and with no cover), or a music group setting up on the ground on a few makeshift platforms and under a couple tends for cover. This isn’t safe and certainly not the best way to present your entertainment.

Lou Campbell Productions of Duluth has a great professional, mobile stage available for rent that is a great solution for all the issues of where to put the entertainment, how to cover it and do it in a way that looks professional. This unit is perfect for street dances, concerts in the park, festivals and even indoor events at larger venues (warehouse, etc) and a mobile stage can be used where ever the unit is towed into place. There are also numerous places for presenting sponsor banners and stairs for easy access.

This mobile stage will meet the requirements for hosting most live performances and do so with cover in case of rain. The stage is ready for electrical hook up. Locally it has been used at Taste of Duluth, the S. St. Louis County Fair, Bent Paddle Festiversary, indoors at the Seitz Arena, at the Essentia Heritage Sports Complex, Bowfest at Mont du Lac, and many other venues.

Delivery is available if needed and the stage can be placed on grass, cement, blacktop or any other suitable flat surface.