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Ten Things You'll Want to Have at Your Super Bowl Party

10. A plan/budget in advance
9. A big screen TV
8. A place for everyone to sit (plenty of chairs)
7. Activities for kids to do/ or a babysitter
6. A lot of food, you can either pick foods from the teams hometown to make a menu easier or a potluck always works too. Think about themes or food “bars”
5. Add football related decor, DIY decorations are easy and fun and you can easily incorporate the teams in the game
4. Games to play before and after the game (maybe football trivia?) Think about creating a score sheet for the Super Bowl Commercials
3. You don’t have to be a gambler to enjoy a good football board you could even win some great prizes like cash, gift cards, etc.
2. Team apparel
1. Beverages- Alcoholic, and non-alcoholic
For more resources or ideas to plan a great super bowl